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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Congratulations to....

Stray Stitches!! Send us an email with your mailing address and we will send your needle case out today :) For those of you who haven't checked the previous blog, I want to explain to our subscribers our shipping situation. We are working on a second class postage rate with the post office which will make subscriber copies arrive much faster in the future. However, right now we have no control over how fast the post office will deliver your magazine so we have to give the worst case scenario for this time frame. We hope to be approved by the time the Spring 2012 issue comes out. Keep in mind that the main advantage to subscribing to our magazine is the discount you receive compared to purchasing them at the store for full price. Thank you for your patience :) Have a great day!
Jeni is at home "working" today, but we keep getting pictures of this little guy...


  1. Will the seasonal issues always come out, at the season it represents?
    I would love to have them come earlier in the season so we can make the items before the holidays. Maybe I read wrong, but thought you said you don't send them out until late november?


  2. Woohoo! I'm so happy to be the lucky winner. Thanks for having such a wonderful giveaway!!

  3. I was having the same thought as Woolensails. Any holiday projects will be way too late for this year.

  4. WoolenSails and bittomom, I understand your concerns. We sent the magazines out the day they arrived (Tuesday, October 18th) but the post office can take 4 - 6 weeks to get them all delivered. Even though the issues are named by the particular season, we do not intentionally feature seasonal projects. It merely indicates the time the magazine is shipping. There may be a project or two that does have something to do with that particular season, but it truly is a timing thing with us. Send me an email today when you get the chance.

  5. Just to let everyone know my best friend received hers in the mail today...Delaware. I wasn't so lucky (Maryland) but hoping for tomorrow or Monday.

  6. I received my copy today, 10-24, in NE Wisconsin, and as usual it is great! It is amazing that there are so many projects that I feel I want to do. This does not happen with other 'quilting type' of magazines for me. I'm lucky if I find two in a magazine. I shall be renewing this subscription for another two years!

  7. My Winter issue of the magazine arrived in the mail today, 10-24. I am in northern Colorado. I came to the blog because I'm wondering if there will be a 2012 calendar.

  8. I am so happy to hear that subscribers are seeing thier magazines already! We will not be able to do a 2012 calendar, but we might do a 2013 calendar. By the way, did anyone check to see what today is on our 2011 calendar? Dyslexic Day! Haha.. Oops :)