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Friday, July 12, 2013

Help us with the next Designer Notes question!

We want to hear from our readers! What do you want to know about our designers? We will use your ideas for our next Designer Notes question! Here are examples of questions we've used in the past:

What was your best sewing mistake that turned out to be a brilliant success?
What prompted you to start designing, whether it was on your own or with your sister, mother or best friend? 
Who taught you to sew or quilt?
What are your favorite organization tips?

Comment on our post to submit your question! Thank you for your help :)


  1. Do you get and use ideas from your personnel likes and dislikes or do you search for ideas from what is currently popular?

  2. How do you choose your fabrics and color combinations? Does season influence your color choices for a project/

  3. With cotton fabric appliqué, what is your favourite thread to use? Me, I like YLI silk thread, but it is getting harder to come by.

  4. What was your favorite creation?

    What advice would you give to a beginning quilter/hooker/teacher?

    Who is your favorite designer?

  5. I too was going to ask Who is your favourite designer and why? I would also like to know how old they were when they started sewing and how old they were when they started quilting?
    I would LOVE to see their studios/sweat rooms/sewing rooms!! I am such a snoop! :o))

  6. What is your formula for calculating the price you place on your creations to sell? Are there some reasonable guidelines one can follow to set a fair price?

  7. How do you keep yourself motivated? What is your biggest challenge as a designer? ~Roberta

  8. What inspired the design in this issue? (I always love to know the story behind a design.) Is there a medium/craft that you have tried but didn't enjoy?
    Blessings, Patti

  9. When making Runners, Table-toppers, Candle-mats, etc.;What kind of batting do you use?

  10. While all the designers you feature are all well known for their primitive/folk style do they ever make projects (either for publication or their own personal use) in other styles and if so which ones?

    If they now only work in the folk style but once (primarily) worked in other styles, what inspired their change in focus?

  11. These are great examples of questions. The most interesting would be knowing which sewing mistake led to unintentionally good consequences. One question would be how long does the average quilting project take to complete? It would also be interesting to hear about thread and fabric choices, especially color combination choices.

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