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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Take along projects

Here I sit in the waiting room.......why didn't I get my take along project to bring with me? I brought my I-pad, so I could check and answer emails. I brought my planner and spreadsheet for upcoming issue designers. I brought my "things to do" notebook, my "bamboo Spark" in case I wanted to play with new designs. What am I doing? Wishing I had some hand sewing along! There is a lady in the corner of the waiting room knitting away on what looks to be a wonderful sweater! I'm getting jealous!

This sweet grand baby Henley is getting a tiny tube put in her tear duct today, so it will quit getting clogged and infected. Grammie is sitting in the waiting room.

I usually have some hexagons to sew, or some applique to work on, but for some odd reason, it never crossed my mind to bring something. What do you have for your take along project?

Share your take along project in the comments!

Have a wonderful day of stitching,




  1. Last time I had to wait, I sewed down binding on hotpads. Hope all goes well with Henley.

  2. Would be hard to work with such a cutie to play with :)

  3. I have a cross stitch project that is my go to for waiting in waiting rooms..It may never get done, but that is ok too.

  4. Hope Henley is doing much better soon! My take along projects are all English Paper Piecing. I have three different ones and alternate them. I am also doing the 365 circle challenge and am basting my circles to paper before I applique them to the background squares. I love the precision of basted applique and it is just easier for me.

  5. Never fails - just when we think it "won't be a long wait".....
    Happy Baby!

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  7. Lighting isn't great when I sit and wait so once I get into room waiting for Doctor I pace. Gets my daily steps in so I can do fun handwork when I get home!