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Monday, September 14, 2015

"Floral Abundance" from Spring 2013

As many of you might remember, I made Dawn Heese’s “Somerset” medallion quilt from our 2013 issues.  I enjoyed every stitch, and was tickled pink with the finished result.

Now that I know I can accomplish such a big project, I have begun work on Deb Eggars’ “Floral Abundance,” from our Spring 2013 issue.


Hmmmm…I wonder what it was about 2013 that keeps me making projects from that year?  Maybe when I finish this, my next quilt will be from a current issue.

Have any of you made either of these quilts?  Please share pictures of them!!!

Would any of you like to follow along with me on “Floral Abundance?”

I’m expanding on Deb’s pattern.  I want to make a queen sized quilt and two shams.  Her pattern consists of 24 floral blocks, sashing, and two borders.  I’m going to add a couple more borders to increase the overall size.  And for the two shams I’ll need 8 more floral blocks.  A total of 32.

So far I’ve completed 9 of the 32 blocks needed.  I’m still a bit of a rookie.  It took a while to get in the grove of how to lay out the appliqué pieces, and how to get somewhat adept at needle turn appliqué.  For the appliqué pieces, I’m using 3 different thread colors (off white, black, green), and initially used one needle, changing thread colors as needed.  I finally wised up and now have 3 needles ready with each thread color.

This is my Yazzii organizer, embellished with a spare star from the “Somerset” quilt.  Rather than carry around a pin cushion, I simply keep a scrap of wool with the pins and needles I need.  And while working, it’s convenient to pin it on the outside of my Yazzii.  (That's Pearl, looking bored, in the little rescue, an Australian Cattle Dog--sweetest little thing I've ever known!)

 If you have any advice for me (appliqué tips, how to do neater work, enlarging the quilt for a queen bed, quilt photography, doggie kisses, ...) please comment here!



  1. Your quilt projects are so, so nice - you're doing a great job with all that applique - lots of work, but SO portable, right? I clicked on the link to your Yazzi organizer but I'm not sure if it's still available or what the price is?

    1. Oops - just realized I had to select a color to get the price information to show up. Thanks!

  2. This was an especially good many great patterns in the Spring 2013 edition! (I can tell by all the coloured stickies hanging out of the magazines!! :o))

  3. Paulette, It is always so fun to see someone else's concept on one of my patterns. Your blocks look great so far. I can't wait to see the pillow shams. I will keep checking in on your progress. Deb Eggers